You've Decided to Sell Your Home

It's a huge decision! Needless to say, the process of selling a home is not easy. You want to get the best price and sell in the shortest period of time. But how? Putting together and implementing a marketing program, keeping on top of changing home values, wading through regulations is challenging enough for a real estate agent. For the average seller, its truly daunting. Finding the right neighborhood expert who has the experience, credentials, knowledge and personality is the key. Our service helps you choose the right agent from millions of agents around the country.

Why TopAgent2000? uses technology and personal interviews to help find top listing agents in your area. We invite only top agents to join; they cannot pay us to be part of our network. As a result, we are unbiased in our recommendations. The goal is to provide the best experience for you, the seller. That means selling your home faster and for more money.

Top Realtors can put more Money in your Pocket

Top Realtors are able to negotiate a higher selling price for your home. Our service is able to evaluate average listing price, selling price, neighborhood trends and more.

Top Realtors can Sell your Home Faster

Top Realtors are able to sell your home faster. Most people want to sell their homes as quickly as possible; however, others don't mind waiting a bit longer  in order to maximize the selling price. Selling a home for a low price is easy but do you want to leave money behind? On the other hand, if you price a home too high, the market can dry up. The best agents understand this. They are highly responsive to the market and customer needs and can help show the house in the right way to the right demographic.esponsive to customer needs, move fast, and are able to stage and prep a house in a way that appeals to the right demographic.

Top Realtors are Knowledgeable, Experienced

You need a neighborhood expert to deliver great results. An agent who understands the pulse of the market, local activity, the public's desire for certain styles of property delivers a better experience. We are able to recommend  agents who have specialties suc has luxury home, short sales, starter homes, etc.

Top Realtors are Marketing Pros

The best agents give your property every possible chance of selling quickly for more money. Obviously, the more people that see your home the better.Some things you should expect your agent to do are:

Analysis of pricing trends and local price per square foot
Automatic posting on all major online home search sites
Advertising in local publications
Prepping and staging expertise
Professional photography and/or vieography
Creation of marketing documents (flyers, etc.)
Monitoring the lockbox
Direct mail marketing program
Development of virtual tour (bonus)
Previews for other real estate agents
Research buyer motivation
Fast response to seller requests
Open houses