Frequently Asked Questions

What is TopAgent2000?

TopAgent2000 is a service that specializes in matching home sellers and buyers with top producing real estate agents in their neighborhoods or destinations. Our focus is exclusively on getting you connected with the top agents in your area. Working with average agents yields average results. Why not work with the very best to increase your chances of success.
Simply click on the “Seller” or “Buyer” link and provide us some basic information to help us understand your needs. Then, kick back and relax! We’ll do the work of using that information to match you with the best local real estate agents for your needs. Agents are selected based on experience, past results, knowledge of area and of course, personality.

What happens after I submit the information?

  • You’ll receive a call from TopAgent2000. There will be a real human on the line to verify your information. This will only take a minute. Then, we will explain the next steps of the process. After the short chat, we will begin the work of finding the best agent matches.
  • You will be contacted by the matched agent to discuss your real estate needs. You can then decide whether or not you’d like to work with that agent. You decide … there is no obligation. Rest assured, we will always be available to help you every step of the way.

Which brokerages do you work with?

TopAgent2000 does not care whether the agent is part of a large nationwide brokerage or a ;local boutique office.Wesimply want to connect you with the best agents in your area.. We talk to all agents and use historical data, sales statistics to find the top agents.

How Much Does This Cost?

Home buyers and sellers will never pay a penny to TopAgent2000. It’s 100% free. We do not charge you anything to use our service. Give us a try it’s simple, fast and free.

So …. Where’s the Catch?

No catch. TopAgent2000 receives a referral fee from your real estate agent after you have bought or sold a home. Paying fees to referring parties is fairly standard practice for real estate and relocation companies. Top agents welcome referrals because they don’t ave to spend as much time and money in finding new clients. Instead, they can focus on what they do best … making buyers and sellers happy!

Why Work with TopAgent2000?

We want to put you in contact with top agents but we’re really here to save you time. How do you cut through the noise and wade through the sea of agents to connect with the right one? Our team of real estate experts like the satisfaction of making life easier for buyers and sellers