August 23, 2016

About Us

Neil Hingorani, the founder of TopAgent2000, bought his first piece of real estate in 1984. It was a small 2 bedroom condo in a Chicago suburb. Since then, he bought and sold several properties spanning three decades. Some of the transactions went quite smoothly, while others were nightmarish.

As a real estate investor and consumer, Neil came to the realization quite early on that working with the right real estate agent could be the difference between a pleasant experience and a poor one. After a particularly difficult transaction in 1988, It became apparent to him that not all agents were created equal. The fees, however, were the same! How would one find the perfect agent? Statistical data was scarce and difficult to obtain. Sellers ended up employing a neighbor or friend or whoever was the most persistent. Buyers often ended up working with the listing agents of a properties and received no representation whatsoever! It was a rude awakening when the home you thought would sell right away, languished on the market for months.

There came a point when Neil decided to obtain a real estate license to help himself. He obtained his real estate license in Chicago, IL in 1992 and subsequently started his own real estate brokerage in Tucson, AZ in 1996. This was around the dawn of the Internet age and Neil decided to use information technology to not only promote his real estate business but also generate leads. This worked out well and before long he was getting leads from around the country and converting them to referrals for other real estate brokers. Eventually, he decided that he enjoyed the technology end of the business end and devoted all his time to developing real estate leads.

This was great for agents but what about the public? They were still used to hiring agents to help them make the largest financial decisions of their lives without even looking at a resume. The realization that the process of buying and selling real estate could be made better came naturally.

TopAgent2000 was formed in 2012. The idea was simple .... develop a way to connect real estate buyers and sellers by matching them with real estate agents with the skill, knowledge and expertise that was needed for a successful transaction.  The process of finding the right real estate agent was never going to be the same.










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