About Us

Find Top Real Estate Agents

Finding a real estate agent is not difficult; however, finding the right one can be challenging, especially if you’re new to an area or don’t have the background information that you need. Every agent seems to promise the world but can they really deliver?

TopAgent2000.com was started in 2007 to help make finding the best real estate agent just a bit easier. We are committed to helping our customers find the best agents for their needs. In today’s uncertain housing and economic environment, isn’t it nice to know that you have someone on your side to help you locate a Top real estate agent? Today, its more important than ever.

It’s Easy

Traditionally, buyers and sellers had to wade through glossy brochures and advertisements to find a Top real estate agent. You would contact a local real estate office and end up speaking with a “floor agent”, typically one of the less experienced agents in the office. Of course, they would promise everything and meant well but were they the best agents for your particular needs? Or you would contact an agent that was recommended by a friend and hope for the best. Perhaps you would feel obligated to list your property with one of your own friends who was new to real estate and desperately needed the business. But that was before TopAgent2000.com.

At TopAgent2000.com, we put you in control. After you submit your request, you are provided profiles of and proposals from up to three real estate agents that you should consider. This way you can compare their background and credentials at your leisure. Why 3 agents? So that you can evaluate them according to your specific criteria and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Results You Expect

At TopAgent2000, we have a matching system that enables us to invite the Top Agents in any area to join our network. The system also ensures that you will work with an agent with the background, style and personality that fits with you

The Best Agents

Top Agents deliver in a way that ordinary agents do not:

– Synergy

Top Agents often work in teams with assistants devoted specifically to various tasks. This enables them to not get bogged down with activities that are not related to the selling or buying of real estate.

– More Resources

Top Agents have direct access to the best mortgage brokers, home inspection companies, home repair companies, escrow companies, title resources and more in the industry.

– Exceptional Service

Top Agents are the highest producers in their neighborhoods. Their responsiveness, knowledge and follow through generate more activity and more opportunities for sealing the deal on your terms and on your deadline.

– Results Oriented

The bottom line is: Top Agents deliver the results you want. Top Agents have the knowledge, network and judgment to help you achieve your Real Estate goals.

TopAgent2000.com allows you to get the advice and guidance you need from trusted, independently validated professional Top real estate agents in your area.

A Powerful Network

Our Top Agents are picked from the area’s leading national brokerages and specialty boutique agencies. We handpick, evaluate and screen each of our real estate agents within our 15,000 agent network. Our skilled researchers identify and select the best agents in every neighborhood in the United States. They constantly refine and update our network. All of our agents have unparalleled track records for success; many with multiple national recognitions and awards.

We’re on Your Side

Our network is by invitation-only. real estate agents cannot buy membership in our network like they can from other services. When they complete a successful transaction (that means your transaction), they pay us a marketing fee. This process allows us to offer our service to you with no obligation and no fees. It also creates an incentive to work with only the best real estate agents: we only get paid once you, the customer, is happy.

Personal Touch

We like people. We hire smart, passionate account executives who don’t use scripts to talk with agents or customers. When the phone rings, we pick it up and personally address your needs. We seek the perfect experience for every customer. It’s the way our system is designed. It is the very foundation of our business model. We expect to congratulate you on closing day